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Did You Find Your Unclaimed Money?
Well, We Found It!

Unclaimed property still sits in depositories all over the United States waiting for the rightful owners to claim it. Believe it or not but you probably have some unclaimed property in your name that you don't even know about... yet. Now, even if you have tried other sources to try to find unclaimed funds in the past and came up empty handed, you can change all of that in an instant by searching our FREE unclaimed property lists. This is one of the least known unclaimed money database in America and has recently grown to 500,000 unclaimed property accounts with over $200 Million dollars that has yet to be claimed. These specific unclaimed money accounts have a very dismal 5% return rate. In other words, 95% of these accounts and respective funds will most likely stay unclaimed. Don't let them keep you or families money!


We have recently made our latest updates to these already growing unclaimed property list and now it has topped an amazing HALF MILLION accounts. We have separated, sorted and compiled this entire unclaimed property database and made list for every State in the United States, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam and even the United States Virgin Islands. With these last updates included we now made a miscellaneous list where the exact location is not known, only the names.

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Recovering Your Funds Is The Easy Part

Claiming your money is actually the easy part. Finding the money is the hardest part of it. The hard part will actually be over for many because they have found this unclaimed property website. Now make sure that you take the time to bookmark this page so that you can return back when we update the lists again. Now get busy and start searching for everyone!!!

FACT: 7 out of 10 people have unclaimed funds that they can claim, but most do not know it. Most unclaimed money is kept by the various government agencies indefinitely but several have now placed deadlines on how long they hold it. When the time is up, you lose - they win! Don't let them "win" with your money or your families or friends. SEARCH EVERYBODY'S NAMES!!!!

With this information its easy to see why there is a very good chance that you may find unclaimed property for someone that you know. When you do find it, you have two ways to get the necessary information so that you can claim these funds. The first option is obtaining the "Refund Resource Manual" which will explain exactly where this unclaimed property is being held and will guide you through the Recovery Process. These unclaimed funds can be back in your pockets in a very short 6 to 8 weeks time. The other option is to obtain the "Unclaimed Money Home Business" ebook. This ebook will give you the information necessary to claim these funds, but will also give you links to over 75 more free online unclaimed property databases. These databases are used by professionals everyday. Plus it will show you how to join the lucrative unclaimed property locator business. Which is one of the best home business opportunities available today. What could be easier than helping people to claim their own money... and getting paid to do it.


There is over $120 Million Dollars still unclaimed in this agency alone!

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Searching Our FREE Unclaimed Funds Lists

Now that you are ready to search the different unclaimed money lists below take into consideration that some State and non-State lists were so large that we had to split it up into smaller lists. Make sure that you have taken the time to bookmark our site so that you can come back in the future as we update these lists on a regular basis. To conduct a search, simply enter identifying information into to Google search form below. You can search names, addresses or even certain towns in specific States. Keep in mind that some of these names and addresses have misspellings and errors, so be sure to at least check for the most common errors when you look over the lists. A simple spelling error is sometimes the actual reason why most of the claimants who are due these funds were never actually notified about their unclaimed money. Some of the most common mistakes are placing the first name last and the last name first simply by forgetting the comma: "Smith Joe" instead of "Smith, Joe". And some common address variations are: West 38th St, W. 38th St, 38th W., etc. Good Luck!!!

Don't forget to search for deceased relatives as many have assets that they did not know about themselves or they didn't tell anyone about it before passing away. Take the time to ask family members about other relatives full names and previous addresses, you may have great news for them after conducting your search. By purchasing the Unclaimed Money Home Business Ebook (above), you are virtually GUARANTEED to find money for several people you know... because everyone that takes the time to do it always find unclaimed money (and they tell us about it).

Alabama Unclaimed Funds Alaska Unclaimed Funds Arizona Unclaimed Funds
Arizona Unclaimed Funds 2 Arizona Unclaimed Funds 3 Arkansas Unclaimed Funds
California Unclaimed Funds California Unclaimed Funds 2 California Unclaimed Funds 3
California Unclaimed Funds 4 California Unclaimed Funds 5 California Unclaimed Funds 6
California Unclaimed Funds 7 California Unclaimed Funds 8 Colorado Unclaimed Funds
Colorado Unclaimed Funds 2 Colorado Unclaimed Funds 3 Connecticut Unclaimed Funds
Delaware Unclaimed Funds Florida Unclaimed Funds Florida Unclaimed Funds 2
Florida Unclaimed Funds 3 Florida Unclaimed Funds 4 Georgia Unclaimed Funds
Georgia Unclaimed Funds 2 Hawaii Unclaimed Funds Idaho Unclaimed Funds
Illinois Unclaimed Funds Illinois Unclaimed Funds 2 Illinois Unclaimed Funds 3
Indiana Unclaimed Funds Indiana Unclaimed Funds 2 Iowa Unclaimed Funds
Kansas Unclaimed Funds Kentucky Unclaimed Funds Louisiana Unclaimed Funds
Maine Unclaimed Funds Maryland Unclaimed Funds Maryland Unclaimed Funds 2
Massachusetts Unclaimed Funds Michigan Unclaimed Funds Michigan Unclaimed Funds 2
Michigan Unclaimed Funds 3 Minnesota Unclaimed Funds Minnesota Unclaimed Funds 2
Mississippi Unclaimed Funds Missouri Unclaimed Funds Missouri Unclaimed Funds 2
Montana Unclaimed Funds Nebraska Unclaimed Funds Nevada Unclaimed Funds
New Hampshire Unclaimed Funds New Jersey Unclaimed Funds New Jersey Unclaimed Funds 2
New Mexico Unclaimed Funds New York Unclaimed Funds New York Unclaimed Funds 2
New York Unclaimed Funds 3 New York Unclaimed Funds 4 North Carolina Unclaimed Funds
North Carolina Unclaimed Funds 2 North Dakota Unclaimed Funds Ohio Unclaimed Funds
Ohio Unclaimed Funds 2 Ohio Unclaimed Funds 3 Oklahoma Unclaimed Funds
Oregon Unclaimed Funds Pennsylvania Unclaimed Funds Pennsylvania Unclaimed Funds 2
Rhode Island Unclaimed Funds South Carolina Unclaimed Funds South Dakota Unclaimed Funds
Tennessee Unclaimed Funds Tennessee Unclaimed Funds 2 Texas Unclaimed Funds
Texas Unclaimed Funds 2 Texas Unclaimed Funds 3 Texas Unclaimed Funds 4
Texas Unclaimed Funds 5 Utah Unclaimed Funds Utah Unclaimed Funds 2
Vermont Unclaimed Funds Virginia Unclaimed Funds Virginia Unclaimed Funds 2
Washington Unclaimed Funds Washington Unclaimed Funds 2 West Virginia Unclaimed Funds
Wisconsin Unclaimed Funds Wyoming Unclaimed Funds  


Guam Unclaimed Funds Puerto Rico Unclaimed Funds Puerto Rico Unclaimed Funds 2
Puerto Rico Unclaimed Funds 3 Puerto Rico Unclaimed Funds 4 Puerto Rico Unclaimed Funds 5
Puerto Rico Unclaimed Funds 6 Virgin Islands Unclaimed Funds Washington, DC Unclaimed Funds
Miscellaneous (coming soon)    

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